Florida Bonsai nursery visit - Elemental Bonsai Nursery -

Work takes me all over the world and wherever I go, I try to visit the local nurseries to make friends and enjoy the local flair. This trip had me in Orlando, and even though I visit this nursery every year; I am super excited to talk with JImmy and see what he has in stock. Jimmy, his wife and their staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. Being in Florida, the nursery is covered in tropicals and even some excellent evergreen species.

Recently the mall that Jimmy's storefront was located in closed down so he moved his stock and supplies back to their home nursery. Don't get worried, the setup at their home is fantastic. It is settled into a nice neighborhood on the water. They have rows and rows of material from mame size up to imperial size. Jimmy and staff are constantly working on what they offer to clients. I have recently visited and carried home a large set of pots. I have also had them ship several trees to me without issue.

If you're in the area, check out Jimmy over at Elemental Bonsai -https://www.elementalnursery.com/

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Jon White