Whether it's working on your bonsai, kusamono, or cleaning your tools. A good turntable is a must. I wanted to gift something to a couple of the big influences in my bonsai hobby. I didn't want to break the bank and thought I would share what I made with you all. First off let me say that this didn't take a ton of time to create, and the results are very nice. 

I started by looking for material to make the turntables out of. I used these components from Home Depot (although you can get them at most hardware stores):

1 - Lazy Susan bearing system (500 lbs. capacity)

2 - Lazy Susan wood turn table tops (you can choose the diameter your desire). These come in various footprints from 12 inch up to 30 inch for large surface areas/trees.

3 - wood stain (choose your color)

4 - sanding paper/pads/discs.

5 - Polyurethane

I started by sanding the wood tops down with 60 then 80 then 200 grit orbital sander (don't forget the edges, this is important when it comes to staining and sealing.) Get the tops and sides smooth and consistent

Once you have the pieces smooth (both sides) you will need a pencil, ruler and a bit of patience. Use this guide to help you find the center of the two Lazy Susan tops: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=how+to+find+the+center+of+a+circle

Now that you have the center identified, you will need to mount the lazy susan bearing to the top of your turntable first. Mark the anchor points first and then attach it.

to mount the bottom you will need to drill a hole in the bottom lazy susan plate to attach the screws. (remove the lazy susan bearing from the top and mount it to the bottom.

Looking at the bottom with the lazy susan bearing facing up you can see where the hole will need to be drilled to successfully attach the screws into the top wood plate. make your hole with the drill and don't go too large but big enough to get your screw driver and screw into the hole to attach the top.

Ok, so now that the hard part is done, now you can apply your wood stain or get creative and paint, draw or engrave an image into your turntable. I made mine with my name on them and my mentors names as well. Then I stained the whole thing and sealed them with polyurethane.

Enjoy, and feel free to message me with questions.


Jon White